Our Mission

At Stay Zen Co. we believe that a calm, clean, and comfortable space lends itself to a calm and collected mind. With everything going on in the world, your space, whether it’s an entire house or a tiny apartment, should be your very own zen sanctuary. It is our goal to provide you with feel good items that add value to your life and to your sanctuary. 

Our Values

As a consumer, where you put your dollar matters. And as a retailer and reseller of goods, the same stands for Stay Zen. We recognize that what we buy and where we buy it from impacts society, the environment, and people’s lives. That’s why Stay Zen is dedicated to supplying our store with ethical goods from other small businesses all while considering our impact to the environment. 

Our Shipping Practices and Shipping Goals: We recognize that our shipping practices impact the environment, and as a global citizen, we have a responsibility to ensure we have the smallest environmental footprint possible while also delivering our goods to you safely and securely. In order to accomplish this, we currently use recycled, post-consumer cardboard boxes and mailers, use excelsior (a 100% biodegradable natural fiber) in place of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, offer local delivery to customers within 3 miles of our shipping location, and partner with makers and suppliers with similar values who are also doing their part to ship responsibly. 

In the future, we plan to improve by converting to fully biodegradable/compostable tissue paper, stickers, and shipping labels and eliminating the use of unnecessary packing materials. We also would like to expand our local delivery options and offer local pick up as well!

About the Owner

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my shop! My name is Katie and I currently run Stay Zen Co. from my home in New Jersey. 

I love plants (if you couldn’t tell), I’m addicted to coffee, and I own way more planners and notebooks than I really need. My idea of the perfect day is picking up a cup of coffee in a foreign city and browsing a store filled to the brim with books, local art, plants, candles, and notebooks. 

That is the experience I hope to create for you one day with Stay Zen Co. brick and mortar stores, once the circumstances of the world allow us to return to that reality. In the meantime, I am thrilled to bring Stay Zen to you online, thanks for stopping by!